Meal planning continues and thankfully managed to shop last Thursday before the snow arrived and get enough up til this weekend coming.  Given we’ve had 2 days of snow, and it looks like there may be more this evening, I’m glad we’re sorted (although we might get a bit short of veg!).

Depending on what happens in the day I tend to switch things around, so this week we’ve got:

  • Sweet & sour glazed chicken (don’t think the OH was convinced so probably won’t be doing that one again)
  • Sausage & mash
  • Fish cakes in bun, salad, wedges
  • Beef stew (was planning lasagne, but OH had that as leftovers for lunch today)
  • Chicken pie & dauphinoise
  • Gammon steaks (if I get to the butchers, as it was shut for some reason last Thursday)

Pudding will mostly be birthday cake from Monday, with other options being Niegella’s Pear & chocolate pudding, Apple minis, St Clements cheesecake.

I’m linking up to Meal Planning Mondays here, so if you want lots more meal ideas, check out other people’s links.


  1. I’ve never thought about putting a fish cake in a bun and now I am wondering why ever not! Thanks for joining in.

    • I hadn’t either, but worked really well. With a herb butter or lemon mayo, it’s lush

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