making a Hama bead star

Month of Firsts 8 – April – bikes, beads and swimming

As per usual, I’m a day late with my Month of Firsts round up for April.  I was struggling for firsts this month, but managed to find some to share.

In April, N

Learnt to ride his bike

I know I’ve been going on about this, but it’s a big deal.  I think I’m more excited than him though. Last Sunday, N went from his balance bike to pedal bike and took to it straight away.  The next day he mastered getting going himself.  And for the rest of the week he’s been cycling from our garden down the garden, across the farmhouse lawn and round to the other side of the farmhouse to the gate.  It’s a long old walk back up again.  It’s just too hard work for him to pedal uphill, even though it’s not that steep.  I think his tyres need pumping up so I’ll let him off.

4 year old riding his bike round a lawn

I do now worry that he’s a bit gung ho, especially when he rides really close to drop next to the flower bed.  And I’m going to have to keep remembering to make sure he always wears his helmet,  I’ve already forgotten once and now N keeps telling me ‘but I didn’t wear one earlier’.  Grr. He doesn’t mind wearing one but I suppose on the grass at home it’s not going to do much danage if he falls off and isn’t wearing one.

The next thing we have to do is get his cousin to ride one so they can go out cycling together.

Made a Hama bead decoration

N all of a sudden seems to have the arts & craft bug, wanting to get bits out of my craft supplies to make something after nursery.  I bought him some Hama beads a while back, but he wasn’t keen on them because they were just a bit fiddly at the time.  But a year later, and he was well away.  Although him creating his star did involve bossing me around on what colours I could put on and where.

making a Hama bead star

Started wearing a swim hat for his lessons

Previously N’s swimming classes have never needed swimming hats, but they’ve recently brought in the new rule that hats must be worn.

Of course, getting some children to wear swim hats can be difficult, and it certainly took 2 weeks of trying, then losing the basic hat I bought, and replacing it with a silicone one which is more stretchy. No complaints now.

N does look funny in it, just a bit odd, but when they’re all lined up sitting on the side of the pool in their multicoloured hats, they do look cute.

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  1. Well done on learning to ride his bike. My youngest still pedals backwards on hers. HAMA beads tend to go everywhere at our house. Thanks for joining in with Linked

  2. Yay for learning to ride a bike! I remember when my eldest first learnt, so lovely!!! Looks like you have a lovely big garden for him to practise in! 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a bonus. The only problem is that there’s no fence to block ours off from the inlaws, which means he escapes off to theirs

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