This week’s My Sunday Photo is a bit different to my normal photos. It’s a rant. A rant in picture form.  About bad parking.

A busy car park yes. All the more important to park well enabling the full use of spaces for everyone.  If you’ve a massive car like a Range Rover I might give you a bit of leeway because we all know parking spaces aren’t always big enough for the larger cars we have today.  But when you drive a tiny car, there’s really no excuse for not managing to park inside a space.  I can manage it with a car much wider and longer, with and without the assisted parking.  Yep, that’s mine, the blue massive beast of a car. Well inside the space and parked straight. Despite there being another car waiting for me while I parked.

bad parking at Sainsbury's

This week I’ve been on a bit of a rant about car parking.  This one on Saturday just topped it off.

The first one was people at school driving into spaces, despite the rules being to reverse in. For the safety of children because you’re not reversing out into the car park where children are walking. And for ease of seeing and being able to drive straight out quickly when others are looking for spaces.  But there’s always a couple who seem to think the rule doesn’t apply to them.

Then a Gran who does school pick up every day ‘parked’ her (small) car not only well over a line, but half sticking out the front of the space.  And that’s despite her arriving when there were hardly any cars.

Oh and then there’s the people who stalk you back to your car when they’re searching out a space. Is it just me who likes to take their time and sit getting ready for ages before driving off?

What bugs you about other drivers and bad parking?


  1. Spencer Broadley

    Seeing the various comments on school run parking – I walk my kids to school but see these parents parking inappropiately – I would give schools the option to issue parking tickets – why not park further down the road or walk/cycle your children to school. I do have another perspective however as I used to work on Government surveys regards travel – There was an interesting outcome that two-thirds of people who drove their children to school then went on to do work or shopping!! Make of that what you will!!

    • That’s exactly right. Most families have parents who work/live away from the schools. And work hours don’t allow for lots of time to do a school run, so of course parents have to drive kids where there aren’t school buses available.

      I do the school run by car because we live outside the village (rural bendy hilly roads) – I then have to get to work (a 15 min journey but takes 30). I drop early at morning club so avoid too much traffic but still have no leeway on time. Luckily our school has a decent enough car park, although the narrow lane to the school is a bit tight, at least it means there’s no dodgy parking outside the school gates.

      • Spencer Broadley

        Well I cant moan about what you do – it is dropping kids off then going to work – It is the 1/3 who just go back home that are the problem

        • Unless they also live miles away. Unfortunately many people choose to send their children outside of walking distance/catchment, so there’s often no choice but to drive.

      • Spencer Broadley

        I wasn’t blaming you – I enjoy the windy roads as an ex-rally driver!!
        i wish you well and I don’t think you are doing anything wrong – I only used the car when it was icy/snow

  2. Spencer Broadley

    I am a good parker and hate bad parking – it’s not that hard.
    I do have a guilty secret though because I have kids seats in the back I use the parent bays when no kids. My excuse would be I am either dropping them off or picking the kids up from Grandmother – I know that will annoy many, but it is very rare that I do that and I do use the parent bays when my son(s) are with me. Apologies to anybody who thinks I am being bad but I also have health/walking problems but not enough to be able to get a ‘blue badge’

    • That does really wind me up. And people who park in disabled bays without their disabled person in the car or when they’re staying in it.

      • Spencer Broadley

        Yeah I dont do the disabled bays but I have to admit guilty at using parent bays albeit very occasionally. I know that my actions will upset many but I do struggle in walking, etc – I have just applied for a blue badge again after seeing your post – X fingers on that one!!

      • Spencer Broadley

        I expect many people will hate me now for the parent bays, but I have been trying to get a blue badge – My current application is still in process and will let you know the outcome. I possibly only use the parent bays about 1 in 20 times, so I am not a serial offender really, but I believe I should have a blue badge and as my ESA has just been increased 20% after independent health assessments I think I should now get one.
        I like the idea of getting stickers or posts to put on bad parkers windows – I seem to remember some schools have done that or had parking attendants. Think I saw that on BBC News.
        Also the school my sons go to has a small tight lane to a carpark like you, but many people park on the heavily busy A23 which is really a quite dangerous road

  3. I will be the first to admit I am not a good parker but over the years I have had to learn. My biggest irritation is when people that do not have kids with them use the parent bays.

  4. Bad parking, spaces too small to park and those that park on the pavement so I have to walk on the road. #MySundayPhoto

  5. I don’t mind a slow parker but ones who look like they’ve just abandoned their cars (like that pic above) really annoy me.

  6. I’m a bad parker, sorry but I can’t help it. It’s even worse now that I have hand controls and only one hand on the wheel! I do however, take time to get into a space properly, even if it takes several attempts. It’s only fair not to take up other spaces. Plus, I do, when possible, get the choice to park in disabled bays which are bigger, and trust me it helps. My biggest bug bear (apart from non-disabled people parking in disabled bays which often means I cannot get out of my car as I need the space) is parking on the yellow zig zags outside the school. Despite several letters from the school, parents insist on doing it and it’s so dangerous. The kids are coming out onto a road where they can’t see what’s coming because of parked cars. It’s the same parents that do it all the time too, one is disabled, like me, but that doesn’t give her the right to cause danger to the children.

    • A lot of parking issues are down to people not caring or not being aware. Most do try. Definitely bad near schools

  7. Parking by school is a nightmare! (Luckily I walk my daughter to school every day.) There are people who park on the yellow zigzags, people who park across drives and people who drive up on the pavement because they can’t wait two seconds for someone else to move. It’s dangerous, inconsiderate and scary!
    I must admit, I’m terrible at parking and I only have a tiny car, but if I have to go backwards and forwards 20 times to get into a space properly, I will do it!

    • Thankfully our school is up a dead end lane with a car park, so most of these issues don’t happen. Unlike the prep school parents near our old work office at school drop off time!

  8. Oh everything, just every thing about bad parking irritates me. I’m afraid school run driving is the worst. You have missed one off your list: the people who take up two spaces when they could, if they pull forward one metre, use a space and leave room for one more vehicle.

  9. This post had me laughing as bad parking is the norm over here. There is even a FB page dedicated to bad parking photos on Zakynthos. Thoughtless bad parking should be penalised, may be then people would be more careful.


    • Lol. Our local FB page also points out bad parking. Unfortunately the bad parkers are still probably unaware. I’d like to get some stickers/post its saying ‘check your parking’ to stick on windows!

  10. I don’t drive so I don’t think of things like this but it looks really annoying!
    What bugs me is people who don’t indicate. Especially when I waiting to cross a road x

  11. Nothing like a bit of driving rage! I get an annoyed with tiny parking spaces as I do with bad parking. Spaces where even when parked perfectly you can barely squeeze out of your car without hitting the car next door with your car door. Well I’m on the subject, tiny loo cubicles wind me up too, when you can hardly get in far enough to close the door without falling in the loo.

    • Lol, I used a tiny toilet cubicle today, and I’m with you. Especially when you’ve a big bag and you’re having to climb over the sanitary bin at the same time!

  12. This is a real bugbear of mine too, along with the usual thing about people who think they have a divine right to park in disabled or parent & child spaces. Some people are so incredibly lazy and selfish.

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