To get some fresh air away from the farm over the Christmas break, I took N down the road to Burton Dassett Country Park.  It’s very hilly, high up, and therefore blustery even on the nicest day.  To say it was blowy was an understatement.  Even where the hilly places provide shelter it was still cold and windy.

We didn’t spend much time there, but it was enough, and N loved exploring.  This photo was him climbing some way up to a high ridge (thankfully he couldn’t be blown off the other side of this one) where he wandered back and forth for a bit until I persuaded him to come down.

5 minutes after we drove home, the heavens opened and the torrential rain came down.  Good timing for once.

Burton Dassett hills exploration - walking on the hills - Bubbablue and me - My Sunday Photo



  1. That is some luck missing the rain! Happy New Year and many good wishes for the continued success of your blog.

  2. Such a beautiful photo, I love the silhouette against the sky it is just stunning. Thank goodness you got home before the rain, it has been so hit and miss lately hasn’t it?

  3. Such a beautiful silhouette and by the sounds of it you arrived home in the nick of time. Happy new year xx

  4. It looks like a really good walk. I could do with a few of these to work off the treating myself repeatedly over these last couple of weeks!

  5. It looks just gorgeous. The weather has been such a let down the last few days hasn’t it? Glad you got a little time out

  6. Catie: An imperfect mum

    Great capture he looks so little against that vast sky.

  7. Great photo! It reminds us of the hills near us, which are blowing a gale at all times. We went for a walk in the Malverns on New Year’s Day. The wind was icy and we got completely drenched! Not good.

  8. Love this shot with N’s silhouette against the blue sky. Quite the adventurer!

  9. It certainly looks like he was on a high ridge there and amazing to think it was pourig down again not long after this.

  10. He looks like he’s battling the elements, being a brave little explorer!
    Fab photo

    Hope you had a great photo and happy new year

  11. Look at that little explorer! Such a beautiful photo. xx

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