The flowers in our wall always come out late. As though they’re trying to trick me. Thankfully we still have lots of colour with the orange and yellow calendula. I remember reading one of those personalised books as a child and there was a mention of calendula being the birth flower for October. Spot on for me then.

I just like having pretty flowers come up year after year without me doing anything..

calendula living still in the rain

Yellow orange calendula (marigold)


  1. Nice to have such colour right now when the days are tending to grey.

  2. Wow that’s so pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed anything like this near me. I need to keep a look out!

  3. I love the autumnal colours in here and the fan of orange around the edge, such a beautiful flower.

  4. What a wonderful vibrant colour to have adorning your garden walls. A great way to brighten up your day #mysundayphoto

  5. sarahmo3w

    Gorgeous colours! We’ve got one more flower still coming into bloom in our garden (needless to say I have no idea what it’s called!).

  6. That is a pretty flower and sure is flowering late. Wish we had something like this in our garden but it resembles a quagmire, truth be told! Love the yellow of this flower. #MySundayPhoto

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