I’m really enjoying my flower photography course at the moment.  It’s a lesson each week and means I have an excuse to get out my equipment and set up each weekend to catch the light.

This one was macro week.  The exposure was just taken down to darken the background, but otherwise unedited. I shall take the RAW images and edit them properly over the next few days. It’s certainly a learning curve – much of it about checking for details and getting decent flowers.  I never notice the flaws until I see the photo at the end!

MY Sunday Photo - purple chrysanthemum

Purple flower on black background


  1. That’s a stunning photo. I love the way the dark background really makes the flower stand out.

  2. You’ve captured all the different shades of purple in that so well and the light too. I think you might be a natural at photographing flowers!

    • Thanks Tas. I do photography them a lot, but it’s nice to try something different

    • Thanks Fiona. It’s a really interesting one, and good to really spend some time doing it

  3. So that’s how you’ve darkened the background. I shall try this myself when I get the chance. There’s certainly a great contrast between flower and background.

    • Yep, underexposing helps with editing afterwards. I’ve only just started using RAW so having to rethink the way I shot to allow for the editing if needed.

  4. sarahmo3w

    Fantastic photo. The dark background is great because it means you don’t get distracted by anything else. I’d love to learn a bit more about photography.

  5. Wow, this is a fab shot. You can really see the depth of colour and texture in it – it looks almost like a painting.

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