boy thinking by the gate



    • Thanks. That’s exactly what I call him, although the older I get the less appropriate it starts to feel

    • Thanks. He is handsome (obviously I’m biased!), although I’m not sure that he is usually that pensive.

    • I do prefer the nature shot…think you can capture so much more about the subject when they’re not formally standing there.

    • You’re so right. They’re the perfect picture on so many occasions – as long as they stand still for long enough to snap the picture.

  1. Marissa @mamaknowsbest_2

    Mmmmmmm just stood around pondering, a great shot #silentsunday

    • You’re right. He does like to just chill every so often. Not sure his thoughts are ever that deep though.

  2. Love a lot about this pic – a child outside, a child reflecting on who knows what, the sunshine and the shadows. Wonderful!

    • Aw, thanks for your comment. I was really pleased with it, so nice that others love it too.

    • So would I. Such a shame we don’t have insight into our children’s actual thoughts.

    • Looks serious doesn’t it. Bet it was just thinking about lunch, or how to avoid the dog licking him

    • I hope it was thinking of sensible things, but unlikely. Probably just about food!

    • Love that you commented that. Must be a man to man perceptive thing…but you could be right. I think he thinks a lot about food!

    • He does, but I’m not entirely sure that much was really going on in his mind…just chewing away!

  3. Leanne

    Awww Bless him, he looks very deep in thoughts #MySundayPhoto

    • Deceptive, I’m sure. I think it’s just that he was chewing his sleeve, and that makes him look like the’s thinking hard!

    • Probably. Think he went running off to escape from me straight after this!

    • Thanks. I’m not sure he really is – although he does like to gaze and blank out sometimes.

    • I think every single shot I took in this spot, he had a different expression. Very amusing and hard to pick from one.

    • There wasn’t even anything much in the direction he was looking at. I think he was just gazing and chewing on his sleeve.

    • Thanks. I love with my camera that I can just shoot and snap away, you can’t fail to get some great shots.

    • Thanks. It’s not often that he looks that contemplative, but obviously just snapped at the right point

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