We visited National Trust’s Waddesdon Manor for their Colourscape exhibit (more like experience). I was a bit disappointed with my photos – across 3 different camera.  The lighting just wasn’t great causing dodgy looking skin and washed out looks.  It shows how much I just need to keep learning about using my camera.

Here’s a lit up egg for Easter – of an alternative kind.

Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor


  1. Such an interesting unusual composition and a great place to visit by the look of it.

    • It is a really beautiful experience. The music on the day we went wasn’t really our cup of tea, but you could hear it walking round the gardens too which was nice

    • I know what you mean. Definitely something a bit odd. It’s almost a bit Northern Lights too with the colours.

  2. Ashley Beolens

    Great alternative Easter egg 🙂 It’s a cracking photo, we had something like that visit Milton Keynes last year, they are an amazing thing to wander around.

    • I was really impressed. Didn’t realise how prevalent it was in its travels. A few people mentioned they’d seen them last year.

  3. It sounds like an interesting place to visit and I love this photo, it is a very different egg for Easter.

  4. Very Eastery….it does make me think of some pagan worship, with the kneeling figure at the side, and the child wandering into the centre.

  5. Sorry you weren’t happy with your pics, but this is fab. It looks like something from an old sic-fi film and N’s silhouette looks really spooky.

    • It does look a bit sci fi. It really did feel a bit odd walking round…and a bit maze like too.

    • Lol. Some of them totally changed when I edited. So weird to get my head round the way a camera can change what you see with the eye.

  6. Looks amazing! We had plans to go last Wednesday but it was still closed because of the high winds. Hopefully we’ll make it before the end of the holidays
    Glad you had fun and I think this photo is really effective!
    Happy Easter xx

    • definitely worth seeing. Shame about the winds. They opened late because they had to wipe down all the floors after the rain. I can’t quite understand how it got inside, but obviously did from somewhere.

  7. When I clicked the link I thought I was going to see eggs of the eating variety. I’m not sure what colours they’re meant to be but it looks quite groovy 🙂

    • lol. Think these colours didn’t change too much. The ones I’ve just edited were mad with some really extreme colour changes to what was actually seen vs the camera. It is quite disco!

  8. We did that in Newbury 2 or 3 years ago. The boys loved it but I had similar problems with getting the colour right in my photos.

    • Ah, glad it’s not me. It didn’t also help, that N kept moving, so manual settings were a nightmare.

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