One of the best things about summer is easy desserts.  We eat a lot of strawberries during their season. We all love them, and it’s an easy pudding – with cream, ice cream and/or condensed milk.

For something a little bit desserty, I tend to do Eton Mess.  Just whipped cream, a little mascarpone, then broken up meringue, raspberries and strawberries, and today some raspberry sauce running through it.  It always goes down well.

eton mess
Eton mess


  1. Eton Mess always reminds me of summer and weddings. Such a happy dessert 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

    • As you can see, I really work that food styling for photos. Not! I d love my checked table cloth though.

  2. Can I come to yours for dinner? 😉 I absolutely love Eton mess! We’ve never made it ourselves, we would only have a frozen one from the supermarket (usually for Christmas day pudding!).

    • Nooo, you have to make it. So easy. I also do a lemon variation with lemon curd

  3. Molly @ The Move to America

    I adore Eton Mess! Makes me want to make some here!

  4. I add mascarpone to mine too? gives it a bit of balance against the cream. Food well, this is one of my favourite desserts. You’re looks yummy. Did the strawberries come from your farm?

    • Helps thicken it up a bit as well I find. No not our farm, ours is livestock. My best friend’s family have a pick your own in Lincolnshire though.

  5. You’ve reminded me that Eton Mess is my son’s favourite dessert. I think I’ll surprise him and make it for tomorrow. Thank’s for the inspiration. Your photo looks yummy.

    • LOL, sorry. I wish I’d made more, I think the portions were a little small.

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