We recently went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and for the first time walked up to the large animals enclosures.  The giraffes were a big draw, helped by the fact that these 2 were putting on a bit of a posing performance for the waiting public.

I’ve never seen a giraffe so aware of visitors at a park, but these were doing a bit of ‘bottom leaning’, follow my leader, crossing their necks and other good poses.  This was my favourite photo of the lot I took.

My Sunday Photo giraffes at Cotswold Wildlife park
Bottom bumping giraffes


  1. We LOVE Cotswold Wildlife Park and the animals do always feel so comfortable with their visitors! This is a great photo of these beautifully elegant animals – sounds like they put on a great show for you!

  2. Laura Taylor

    Lovely picture of giraffes. I would love to see one.

  3. An imperfect mum (Catie)

    I love giraffes they are so friendly. They always lick the cars at our local safari park, it certainly holds up the traffic. Great shot! #mysundayphoto

  4. Giraffes are my favourite and this is just a lovely photo

  5. Aww! This really made me smile…They are beautiful creatures and look quite funny at the same time x

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