I’ve finally managed to complete my first big crochet project.  This granny square blanket came from a kit that my best friend gave me for Christmas.

It’s not usually the colours I’d go for but it’s so cheerful and really what a granny square basic should be – nice and bright and colourful.  I did go wrong in one place but you can’t tell without examining closely, and it’s not put off N who sprawled on it as soon as I laid it out.

I probably need to block the blanket – wet it, and pin it out straight to make it even while it dries, but I’m not sure I can be bothered.  The blanket’s just the right size for cosying under when it’s cold.  The original kit suggested 95cm square but it’s nearly double that.  I ran out of wool from the kit on 3 colours, even though at the start my tension wasn’t too far out from the guide.  So I’m not sure what exactly went wrong.  Luckily I could order more wool and it’s ended up being a better size for non-babies.

I now need to decide on my next project.  Like usual, I’ll probably stop crocheting in March and not pick it up again until Autumn.

Bright Granny Square blanket and sprawling child
Do you crochet?


  1. Oh my! The colours are right up my street- i love it! I just wish, I know how to make them. Well done you. xx

    • You should try. Youtube is great for starting out and there’s lots of easy tutorials online.

  2. Love the colours, well done! I have never crochet before but would love to try it #mysundayphoto

  3. Well done, it looks fantastic! Great photo with N lying on it.
    I don’t crochet, I’ve never even tried. I’m the most un-crafty person I know.

  4. I too am a winter crocheter but this summer I’ve found a few projects to work on with. It is really common for kits to run out of yarn, so common it makes you wonder if they do it deliberately to make you buy more. I rarely block projects unless they absolutely need it. It does make a difference but it’s akin to ironing for me, only to be done when truly necessary.

  5. That looks like a seriously large and time-consuming project. Much to be pleased about with the end result, though!

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