how do children measure up in hands - Redwings


  1. HelpfulMum

    What a great picture. He has a little way to go before he gets to the height of a horse.

  2. Cupcake mumma

    Ohh what a fun way to get measured Id like that! My dad worked on a stud with race horses so they were pretty tall!

    • Yep, he takes ages to grow as well. I quite like that method of doing it though!

  3. Awh almost 10 hands tall! Amazing the sizes of the tallest and shortest horses, not sure I would fancy riding the biggest!

  4. My dad used to have a horse which was 18 hands high….lol
    What a fab way to be measured! Lovely photo x

  5. That’s a great photo and love the comparison with the tallest horse and shortest pony.

    • I loved it. Was great to explain it to N, and he was quite surprised at the difference in horse heights

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