N’s a proper little farmer at the tender age of 5. He helps on the farm when he gets the chance, and at the moment he’s really excited because it’s lambing time which means his own 10 sheep are due to lamb.

So far 5 have been born and all are out in the paddock behind the house and doing well.  Every evening N goes out with his dad to help feed them, and in the mornings he checks that they’re all ok from the windows upstairs.  The rest of the time, his uncle has to look after the sheep along with his own.

This ewe was really nosy and seemed to be a bit put out to be having her photo taken.  By the time I’d got my camera out, the lambs had stopped jumping all over the place. It’s lovely to see them in the paddock.

sheep and lambs on the farm



  1. Love that N is so involved and helpful on the farm and has his own sheep to check on. Great shot! #MySundayPhoto

  2. This time of wearying so magical, we love seeing the lambs and we just visit! It must be amazing for you to see the transformation from winter to spring on your farm!

  3. I love seeing lambs, in photos and for real as there aren’t any where I live and I miss such a classic sign of spring. There are just so adorable.

  4. What a lucky little guy living on a farm and having his very own sheep!
    it must be so wonderful during lambing season.
    That has always been a dream of mine.

    • Hard work, a lot of stress and late nights, and a lot of moving sheep around and finding barn space usually. Thankfully it’s mostly successful.

    • He does love the sheep and lambs. Much to his dad’s consternation – he’s not a fan and prefers cattle.

  5. How lovely that N has his own mini herd of sheep to look after. It’s a lovely photo of the lambs with Mum.


    • Only the 1 lamb is hers. The other one just seems to be hanging around her rather than its own mother!

  6. I’m glad you’re Lambing season is going well, They are such time wasters it’s wonderful to watch them frolicking in the field.

    • I know what you mean. I could spend ages watching them. We did have twins die yesterday. All the singles are being born inside due to them all expected to be big and cause more hassle, but these twins were born during the snow fall and 1C temperatures, and my brother in law found them having died before he could get round to them. Sad but otherwise the rest seems to be going ok thankfully.

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