Only a few months ago, N was saying he wanted to sell or giveaway his wooden railway set.  Thankfully I refused saying that once the nights were dark and the weather was bad, he’d want to have it still to play with, especially if he had friends round to play.

Since then he’s probably had the box out a few times a month, creating mammoth and sometimes complex railway tracks.This week’s was a little more intricate…it looked pretty, but I’m not sure it would have served very well as a railway track for lengthy play.  Obviously I was right in not letting him let it go.

setting up a wooden train set



  1. A good decision to keep the train track! Our LO got a set for Christmas. We have to build most of it for her at the moment, but she loves it! #MySundayPhoto

  2. We have the tracks too but the girls haven’t played much with them recently…been debating whether to get rid! Glad you are still getting some use out of them

  3. Lisa@intotheglade

    Ah mummy knows best. It’s nice to see him getting good use out of it, a lovely cute picture xx

  4. Lovely photo…
    It seems it was the right decision to keep it…My girls have a few toys like that which sometimes I think about throwing out as they’re too old for them but once in a while they go back and have the best time playing with them x

  5. HelpfulMum

    What a lovely picture. We have ours in a box ready to take to a charity shop and you’re making me think twice about it!

  6. This is definitely one of the staples of any toy box – so good to play, put it away and then get it out when he has forgotten about it. It feels new all over again! 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  7. We’ve already decided that we wont sell Monkey’s train set and will keep it in the loft for future generations to enjoy. But Monkey still loves it and it’s played with all the time. It’s actually quite interesting watching how the design side of their play changes as they get older #MySundayPhoto

  8. We go through phases with our railway tracks too. They are too good to giveaway. Each time you build something it always ends up something completely different doesn’t it?

  9. A sweet moment to capture, it looks like he’s building an awesome track

    Thank you for linking up

  10. Ah bless him, I think every child likes to play with train sets at some point, although ours is into Lego now, so painful to stand on! #MySundayPhoto

  11. Wooden railway tracks should definitely never be given away! We’ve got our wooden Thomas train table and all of the trains ready for the grandchildren! Our nephew came over a couple of months ago and had the best time playing with it.

  12. Ah, our kids used to love building massive, intricate tracks that criss-crossed all over the place but they haven’t really used it in a year or so. Time to get it out again, I think.

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