The detail on my tulips as they’ve decayed has been gorgeous.  I’m so happy to have my camera back from being fixed, it means I can do proper macro shots again.

It’s strange going back to manual photography again after my phone and having used my semi manual compact camera for the best part of a month.  It’s going to take some getting used to and a bit of practice.

I think the petals look a bit like feathers with the lines on them.

My Sunday Photo - macro tulip petal
Close up of petal


  1. There was me thinking it was an ear. Love the colour and detail. I need to look more closely at tulips. Glad you have your camera back. #MySundayPhoto

  2. That is awesome! I’ve never used a proper camera, so wouldn’t know where to start. Love the colour too x

    • If you want to learn on manual/semi manual, check out Emma Davies’ A Year With my Camera. Weekly free lessons and FB group but really approachable and easy to follow.

  3. This is so detailed and beautiful! It really does look like a feather!

  4. Imperfect Mum

    Beautiful shot! they do look like feathers! #Mysundayphoto

  5. Wow, so much detail! I never would have guessed this was the petal of a tulip. I must say I’ve enjoyed watching mine change as they die too.

  6. What a joy to have your camera back, I have to confess I’m pretty hopeless on manual, I don’t think my camera is really up to it. gorgeous detail and very feather like

  7. The detail is amazing. Love the colour too. So pleased you have your big camera back. I can imagine you felt a bit lost without it. #MySundayPhoto

  8. There’s nothing like using a big girls camera, I’d be lost if mine had to go to be fixed (fingers crossed). Judging by your photo photography is just like riding a bike. Your detail in your tulip petal does make it look more like a feather than a petal.


  9. A great example of macro photography. I love it! Must say, I prefer using a camera over a phone. But that’s just me. #MySundayPhoto

  10. I had to read the post to find out what the subject was. An amazing photo. As you say it could be a feather from an exotic bird.


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