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    • Thanks Merlinda. I’d be there like a shot if I’d not had N with me. I love them, even though the OH doesn’t trust the fair’s health and safety checks.

    • It’s one of those seated rides ‘Miami’ something or other, and it moves you up and down in a circular movement.

    • One of those seated rides that goes round in a sideways circular movement, but side angle. I liked the colours!

  1. It’s one of those fairground rides isn’t it?
    I used to love them….I’m not brave enough now. lol

  2. Interesting angle it looks inviting, but i doubt I’d be tempted to ride.

  3. Ah, the fair is in town! We’ve one coming here this week; I’m planning to take S down to watch them setting up later today. There’s just something about all those rides… and the candy floss!

  4. Great shot such an interesting angle that it took me a while to work out what it was! Did you have a ride?

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