Moreton Show 2014 - across the baled field


  1. Awww lovely picture! A nice walk through the fields! (even if a shortcut 😉 )

  2. Ohhh farms make me so nostalgic. I grew up in the Plains states (Kansas) and lived surrounded by wheat fields. I just love farming, farmers and the entire agriculture world. I just adore this photo so much!

    • Seems a small world. So many people have moved out from rural areas. It is a wonderful type of place to live

    • That would be mine usually. This was our annual family day (well, morning) out to a farm show! It’s definitely a treat, but something lots of dads should make the most of

  3. Hey Emma,
    Is that the field out back of our house? It looks very similar ;D
    A lovely photo… there’s something special about hitching a ride on Daddy’s shoulders.
    Enjoy your Sunday

    • It was by the car park at Moreton Show. He more often is on my shoulders as it’s rare the OH’s out with us. So real treat for him

    • He didn’t want to carry him on his shoulders as he has a bad back, but N’s sandals + prickly field that Daddy chose to walk over rather than round = no choice!

  4. Can’t beat a Summer walk across the fields after they’ve been harvested

    Thank you for linking up

    • We don’t do it much anymore, but we were at a farm show, and this was the short cut back to our car.

  5. As a city girl who grew up in the country this photo makes me realise how much I miss just wandering over the fields. I can almost smell it!

    • Great to have evoked such feelings. It’s brilliant how a photo can do that. Thanks for stopping by

    • Yes, very British scene. It’s great to see the fields at this time of year

  6. Nothing like a freshly harvested field. This image makes a country boy in exile happy. We visited my parents place the other week and my town-raised wife couldn’t understand my excitement at seeing the combines and tractors and trailers that worked long into the night.

    • Ha ha, you can take the boy out the countryside, but not the countryside out of the boy! It is a wonderful sight to see them working the fields.

  7. Love this photo. It looks like they’re heading off into the infinite distance on a big adventure together. 🙂

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