We do have some arable on the farm, but mostly grass for sileage or haylage, and a bit of crops.  But I’d spotted this field a while ago with the poppies on the roadside and wanted to go back and take some photos.

I went back last Sunday thinking the wheat would have been harvested, but it was still there.  The field has no fence or hedge, it’s right up to the road, with a tiny grass verge/path separating the road and field.  I jumped out with my phone and camera, and started snapping away, much to the amusement of various drivers going past.

I could have done with a bit more distance alongside the field because I struggled to get down low enough without sitting the the road, but I was really pleased with the photos that I got.

Silent Sunday poppies against wheat field



  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Wonderful scenery; all gone round here!

  2. that’s a wonderful photo. the splash of red is magical. i love the wheat behind them too. i noticed it is like another one on the link this week. must have been something in the air:)

  3. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Great shot! The golden dried wheat makes for the perfect backdrop of the red poppies, glad you stopped!

  4. As the years go by you seem to see these less and less. I think too much spraying of crops might be to blame


  5. Beauteful photo. It reminds me of childhood holidays.

  6. Beauteful photo. It reminds me of childhood holidays.

  7. WildFamilyFun

    The poppies are so striking and are one of my favourite flowers. Love the colour in the photo.

  8. Melody Harrison

    Wow! I love this. The contrast of the colours are gorgeous. 🙂

  9. I love the colour combination and can totally see why you wanted to go back and get some photo’s-I’d have done the same. Lovely.

  10. So often I have the urge to stop the car and take photo’s of scenes like this, but I rarely do – glad you’ve done it for me!

  11. Poppies are such a pretty flower, I love how the red of the petals make the field color pop. Beautiful! Happy Sunday!

  12. Gorgeous, I want to rub the wheat between my fingers. A perfect colour contrast from the poppies too

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