We arrived home the other day to see more sheep and lambs being put out in the field behind the house. This newborn lamb was only 10 minutes old.  It took a wobbly while to find milk, its mother seemed a bit bemused but wasn’t really helping it.
N’s being very good and counting the sheep and lambs out in the field each morning to check they’re all still ok.
newborn lamb 10 minutes old
Newborn lamb – 10 minutes old


  1. Oh how gorgeous! He does look so wobbly and dependent on his mummy!
    It must be lovely to see the new life springing into action on the farm on this time of year

  2. I’m loving watching all the new lambs on the farm next to our work. They keep me very distracted!

  3. Ni is much better than my kids, I do the sheep checking in the morning while they grumble about getting up for school!

  4. How fantastic that N keeps on top of the sheep and lamb numbers. I do hope the little lamb managed to get a belly full of milk and Mummy sheep got the hang of the parenting lark!


  5. Newborn lambs are so cute. We have lots in the flocks of free roaming sheep in the forest at the moment x #mysundayphoto

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