My Sunday Photo - one man and his dog


  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Come by, good dog!

    Brilliant farming photo 🙂

  2. Reminds me of when my science teacher took us to his sheep farm in Wales. No quad bikes in those days. Just the farmer, his dog and the sheep.

    Lovely picture.

    • Thanks Alan. I bet that was a great trip. It’s not often I get to see it, because I’m usually at work when they’re doing all the moving sheep.

  3. Aaaw that dog is working so hard, ha. Lovely capture too. xx

    • Deceptive, how much shouting had to go on to get the dog to do what’s it’s told!

    • They’re not that obedient though! I’m not sure my brother in law is the best trainer of sheepdogs.

  4. I love this our house is surrounded by fields of sheep and I could spend hours watching them they are so lovely and very calm animals xx

  5. Ashley Beolens

    What a great action shot, looks like one hard working dog.

    • Yes, I think there’s only one dog now so it’s handy having the quad bike as well

  6. That’s a great photo – love how you’ve captured all the action of rounding the sheep up 🙂

    • I wasn’t sure how it would come out because of the movement and me being some way away, but was pleased with the photo

  7. It’s such a great action shot; I love the fact you have the bog on one side and the tractor on the other – reinforcing the traditional vs modern methods

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