closed orange flower



  1. chickenruby

    looks like something momentous is going to happen, who knows what will burst out of there

    • It’s not a sunflower. It’s an orange flower out of a pack of easy grow ‘kids’ seed pack. No idea what it’s called. But they are fab (and really easy to grow)

  2. Amazing photo… Slightly scary though… Looks like it would gobble up your hand if you waved it near đŸ˜‰ #MySundayPhoto

    • It’s some flower out of an easy grow ‘kids’ pack. I can’t grow much else but these are really easy.

  3. I love the orange against the green and that it is an unopened bloom makes it more interesting!

  4. Wow that’s an amazing photo – so much detail in the close up of the flower.

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