Paignton pier

Paignton pier


  1. Suzanne3childrenandit

    What a great photo – really atmospheric and eye-catching. I was drawn to it. x

  2. HelpfulMum

    Absolutely stunning picture. The symmetry is fabulous and there is so much detail that catches your eye!

    • Thank for your comment. I was really pleased to try something new, and notice the interesting structure of the pier.

  3. Very arty and kind of makes you want to keep looking, although then I feel slightly nervous as I don’t like standing under piers! 🙂

  4. Ashley Beolens

    Wow! That is a really interesting photo, lovely composition and such an unusual angle for a shot, brilliant

    • Thanks Ashley. I was aiming for a good technical photo, and was pleased that the pier underneath had such interesting structure

  5. mommyslittleprincesses

    What a fantastic shot I just love the way it draws me in, it’s beautifully framed too!xx

  6. That’s such an interesting photo looking under the pier – love looking at things from a different perspective 🙂

    • They are. I just fancied trying a different angle to normal, and practise my manual settings as well.

  7. This is so clever. That circular shape could be a ship’s wheel, but also reminds me of the massive strength needed to hold up the pier against constant battering by the sea. There’s a tension in the stability against the movement that’s very effective.

    • Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to practise my manual techniques, but was really pleased the way it turned out. Shows how it’s always worth looking for different angles

    • Thanks John, for all my experimentation, the photos of the pier came out really well

    • Thanks Sara. Was really pleased with it. Much more interesting than my usual pier shots.

  8. What an awesome shot! I think these are the coolest kinds of photos. It’s real life but in a way still a little abstract.

    • I know what you mean. Graphic, but more formal and striking rather than the colour you might expect

  9. What a fantastic angle from which to take such an unusual view of an everyday spot. Love it.

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