This year I’ve actually found some peonies in the shops. Well Sainsbury’s. They also weren’t anywhere near the cost of the £20 bouquet that M&S appear to offer.

They’ve lasted really well, longer than I expected and still have a few days left in them.

My Sunday Photo - peonies bouquet


  1. Supermarket flowers can be a bit hit and miss can’t they? But your peonies are gorgeous. I might have to take a look this week!

  2. They look lovely. I picked some seeds up this week so that I can grow peonies in my garden this week. I think they’re so pretty but, disappointingly, I’ve never managed to find them in Sainsburys etc.

  3. I can’t grow them in Florida and I never see them for sale. I’d love to buy flowers like yours.

    • Tbh, I found it hard over here to find them too. Either very expensive bouquets, or none at all. Even our local flower stall doesn’t sell them

  4. I adore peonies, I’m thinking of having some as my next tattoo. Next time I pop into Sainsbury’s I’ll definitely be picking some up #mysundayphoto

  5. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    Beautiful flowers! #MySundayPhoto

  6. They are beautiful! Like John, I’ve been educated. I’ve seen those around and was about 90% certain they were peonies, but you’ve confirmed it for me!

  7. I’m waiting with baited breath for my peonies to open in my garden. I just hope that the last weeks storms have finished and they will survive. It’s such a long time to wait all year and then have the weather spoil them. If they don’t come out I know where I’ll be heading 😀
    Great summery photo. Have a great Sunday

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