N is a nightmare when shopping.

We went shopping to our new retail park where there’s a massive M&S, so we could get him a new onesie. Needless to say he got waylaid after he spotted the soft toys.  He spent ages trying to persuade me to buy him one with his main reason ‘this is a shooting dog’.  Thankfully he also knows when he’s beaten.

pester power at work in Marks and Spencers



  1. He is looking very longingly at that dog 🙂 Shopping with kids isn’t easy at the best of times, but the run up to Christmas, to be avoided!

  2. Hahhaa Z is just like this with his “please please please, I love it so much!”. I have to be really selective now, we’re already overrun with toys!

    • Doubly loaded with toys I expect because you can’t get rid of Z’s cast offs, in order to pass on to bubs.

  3. Em @ snowingindoors

    I love how persuasive kids can be when they’re trying to get you to buy them something!

    • Yes, a really cute penguin one. Seems they’re fairly limited in offer this year, but he chose the penguin over a bear (or skulls – I hate that so many places make clothes with skulls on)

    • It’s funny, because if I ask him what presents he wants for christmas he has no idea. They have to be right in front of him!

  4. Oh but I bet he was a cuddly Dog!
    Shopping this time of year is a nightmare isn’t it, with so many tactile things all within touching distance of short arms!
    I love his expression here!

    • He was. He was really looking at the giant snowdogs and snowman, but he has those already (in mini), so he latched on to the dogs

  5. Ohh new teddy shopping, and I’m so distracted by the penguins in the background, so fluffy!

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