As part of a flower photography course I’m doing, one lesson was on contrajour – shooting into the light. Given the weather’s been shocking at weekends when I’m around to go out, I’ve struggled to do any of the course since before Christmas.  But it was dry last weekend and we went for a walk on the Snowdrop trail at Evenley Wood Garden, and the light was perfect across these.

This was actually shot in daylight but I much preferred keeping the dark background for the shot’s impact.  I’m sharing this for my week 6 of Project 52.

The rest of the week was standard. N had Monday off school ill with a bad cold (turned out just to be a 2 day thing), and was anxious for his train track order delivery to arrive. Who knew you could track where the delivery driver is and how many stops away on Amazon! Then school and work for us, with a Saturday treat going to the theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella.

contrajour light through decaying flowers
Contrajour leaves


  1. Mandi Morrison

    Wow that picture is absolutely stunning, brilliant capture.

  2. Erica Hughes

    I do like your contrajour picture – will have to try that out myself.

  3. The flowers look so delicate and fragile against the dramatic dark background. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the theatre.

  4. we’ve just got Amazon out in Dubai, they teamed with Souq, we have a little app where we can actually watch the vehicle moving on a map, it’s great, then they phone us to say they are here

  5. It’s so pretty and reminds me of something that could be straight out of Alice in Wonderland! Hope Ns feeling much better. I had no idea you could track Amazon parcels in so much detail!

    • It’s a revelation on the tracking. I don’t know whether it’s a prime thing. I suppose usually I don’t track anything, I just know a vague date and then it arrives. But N kept asking. Now he knows it’s there he wanted to keep buying things from Amazon!

    • I’m not sure what they were. The flowers seemed too big and not in the same shape, but I don’t know my flowers that well

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