Ok, so I couldn’t leave behind my Project 365 totally. Instead of doing a 365, I’m planning on doing a Project 52 with 1 photo a week instead.  I’ve been really slack as well with taking photos, probably as a rebellion against the last 4 years of taking pictures every day.

This week has been strange. It’s whizzed by, but has been a lost week. Unproductive, hanging around home, avoiding wherever the OH is because he’s had tonsillitis and can’t go out and work.

This holiday has been extremely odd too in that N has hardly been out on the farm. He’s been outside to play, but going out to work. About an hour only.    Which has meant I’ve been lucky to have him around to spend time with. But has also meant that the 3 or 4 days I’d expected to have had to work on the blog, didn’t happen.  Then of course N made the announcement that he wanted no more photos on the blog so I’ve had to rethink everything as well.

The day before we went back to work and school I suggested N and I went to the cinema to see Paddington Bear 2. Last year he wouldn’t entertain watching the first film so it’s been sat on my HD recorder since last Christmas. But this holiday we watched it, loved it, and the cinema was calling. We both loved the film, and afterwards we went for pancakes at Little Amsterdam in town.  As usual, it was slow service and food, but N gave it the thumbs up so we’ve another option for eating out in town for lunch.

ittle amsterdam pancake
Little Amsterdam food


  1. So glad you haven’t given up althogether, although if there are less photos of N and more of delicuous food, I may have to eat before looking at your photos!!

    • The 365 is hard to get into, but actually I’m finding it harder not doing it. I’m struggling to stay interested in things to photography, I’m now bored of my IG because I’ve got lots of lovely shots of my son that I can’t share. I need better weather and flowers growing and all will be ok again! Enjoy your photography

  2. No more photos of him on the blog?! Eeeek, what a nightmare! Hope he changes his mind which will make life easier.

    • No, sad times. I’m really missing seeing his face on there. Hopefully he’ll change his mind, but I’m not sure he will

  3. I must admit I’m a sweet pancake fan; you just can’t beat lemon and sugar. Happy New Year hope your hubby feels better now!

  4. glad you are still here. Surely pancakes don’t take to long to cook so would not have thought you should have to big a wait. Bob likes bacon with his pancakes but to me they should have sweet things with them,

  5. I was totally trying to guess what this was before I read the post. Never even thought pancake! #365

  6. I thought it was apple at first on the pancake and couldn’t work out why there was parsley on it! We loved Paddington too, would also like to see the second one, will have to see if it’s on anywhere around here! 🙂 #sundayphoto

    • Bacon and pineapple. It is a lovely film. I have to admit having some tears at the end!

  7. I’ve not seen the film yet, sounds good. That looks delicious. I’m looking forward to following your adventures xx #365

    • They do some strange toppings, and N had a strop because he wanted lemon and sugar! But pronounced his tasty thankfully

  8. Ohh! Yum! That looks so good…
    I want to see Paddington 2 but my girls have no interest in it. They love the first one so I can’t understand what they have against the 2nd film. lol

  9. Ooh is that pineapple on your pancake I see? Does this mean you like them on pizza too? I love it on pizza but never tried it on pancakes before! I loved Hugh Grant in Paddington 2. He definitely needs to do more roles like that 🙂

    • Yes bacon and pineapple. These are dutch pancakes so they have some weird toppings. Yes, Hugh Grant dancing again – fab

  10. So glad you’re not giving it up, although it will be weird to not see N in the weekly shots. I’ve been trying to persuade monkey to go to see Paddington 2, we have the first one on DVD and he loves it. The cinema, not so much. i’m so traditional with pancakes, but glad you guys enjoyed them #365

    • We only watched the first one over Christmas after recording it last year. Thankfully N liked it. This was only our second cinema trip. The trick for us is a sequel of a film he’s already seen. N did have a strop when I told him they didn’t do lemon and sugar pancakes!

  11. The pancake looks really tasty. I long since gave up on a picture a day, but can’t quite bring myself just to post one a week.

    • Lol, I’ve already slacked off in taking photos. I’m now snapping for IG stories. I’m feeling a bit sad about not continuing but takes the pressure off and removes a post a week!

  12. sarahmo3w

    We absolutely loved Paddington 2! Glad N enjoyed it too.

  13. I love the ‘none’ days of the festive period, it’s lovely just to be. I do enjoy Paddington, but have yet to watch Paddington 2. Is that bacon and pineapple on the pancake? An interesting filling combination for a pancake.


  14. Oh wow, that is quite a mix of a meal. How you took a pic every day I don’t know. I say that….but then I am on Instagram!! Good luck with Project 52.

    • I think it’s a lot harder to remember when you have to, we mostly have phones with us all the time so it’s easy to just take photos but yes, 4 years was hard at stages.

  15. my kids decided a few years ago they didn’t want their photos of lives discussed on my blog, but i had a word with them and explained while i don’t talk about their lives i do talk about the impact it has on my life. After a few years they all started asking why i never mentioned them and why there were no pics of them on my sm accounts…….hmmmmmm, they felt like they didn’t exist and so started giving me stuff for me to post and we came up with the numbering system child 1,2,3,4,5 and added 2a, 3a, 4a for their girlfriends. i used to have to get approval for posts, now they say just go ahead mum. N will soon change his mind lol

    • It’s nice when they’re old enough to make those decisions. Thankfully he’s not banned actually talking about him, just photos at the moment. I might try and encourage him to do some photos for it, and his own take on it writing wise for days out to feel more part of it

  16. I love Dutch pancakes! I took the kids to the cinema too to mark the end of the holidays. We’d seen Paddington 2 already but the kids were dying to see Pitch Perfect 3, so it was an easy choice for us.

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