my sunday photo banbury north signal box


  1. How sad that this signal box is due to be stripped. It looks fantastic with those colours.
    Maybe if enough visitors show interest in it, they may rethink and keep it.

    • It’s already decommissioned, signalling is all out of Birmingham now. It’s a shame it can’t be kept as a historical site for people to see.

  2. Oh the temptation to pull those levers to see if anything happens.
    Love the colours in this picture.

  3. Lisa@intotheglade

    Oh wow fancy being allowed in to see this. It is amazing that there are not more accidents, it looks so complicated. A fabulous photo xx

  4. It is so interesting to see this close up – I bet it takes a lot of training to make sure the right lever is pulled. I’d be worried about getting the wrong one and causing all sorts of issues!

    • Oh yes. Banbury north signal box. It’s decommissioned so they’re doing tours before it gets stripped.

    • Thanks Darren. It certainly hit you as you walked in why they’re changing things

    • I think it’s a bit like a giant piano but with out the music, just the dampeners and strings!

  5. I really want to go and pull all those levers 🙂 not randomly of course. Must be fun to have a go!

    • It was. Although they were really hard to pull out, much harder than I thought they’d be

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