rhubarb and custard cones at Britmums Live

Mini ‘ice cream’ cones for snacks at a blog conference


    • You missed out there!

      Always hard to get a decent conversation at these things. Need to get myself on meals where everyone I want to speak to is there in the hope of getting more than 2 minutes.

    • They were delicious. I may have had a few! It was a lovely event – and we’re all now Guinness World Record holders.

    • They were very good. Nice to meet you yesterday – apologies for pouncing on you to say hi!

    • Me too. Nice to have a proper chat and meeting. Hope your journey back to Cornwall was ok

    • It’s always so busy, and hard to grab people in between conversations. Maybe at the next event it’ll be a bit quieter and we can get a better chat.

  1. What, What Whaaaaat??? You were at BritMums? How did I miss you? There were so many people. I would never have imagined there were that many mummy bloggers (and 3 daddies!).

    • It didn’t seem as crowded as last year though. Bit more space in the hub – maybe having the craft room helped. I’d not realised you were there until the BIBs, then didn’t spot you on Sat. Next event must meet!

  2. Stop it! I’m hungry again now! Was lovely to meet you this weekend, albeit briefly.

  3. I think I ate my bodyweight in these gorgeous custard & rhubarb treats – although I don’t think I ever saw the tray that full! lol!
    Hope you had a fab time, I sure did

    • They were delicious weren’t they. Lovely to meet you this weekend. Roll on another event.

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