N went off for an explore in the front garden. He wanted to know if the apples were going to be ripe….no.  Then if the conkers were growing….yes.  But he wasn’t so keen on me stopping to take photos of the rose bush.

My Sunday Photo - rose garden
pink rose and enjoying the garden


  1. He definitely doesn’t look as interested in the roses as you! I think they’re beautiful, I love seeing them start to bloom. The colour of this one is just gorgeous x

  2. I think its a perfect capture with him in the background! love it!

  3. Ooo, interesting, have you used a selective colour filter with this? I love what you’ve done to the pic. Looks fantastic.

    • No, straight out of my mirrorless camera, bit of sharpening and brightening, but that’s it. Thanks

  4. Conkers sound much more on N’s radar than roses. Lovely photo though with N looking out beyond the rose.

  5. The colour in that rose is so intense – amazing! It’s lovely to see everything in full bloom as summer finally arrives.

  6. But there’s so much to explore out there…no wonder he wasn’t keen to stop whilst you took that fantastic photo. I bet in a few years time he’ll be out there with his own camera. He obviously has an eye for nature. Have a great Sunday

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