Fern, black labrador on the farm


  1. I love lab faces! They are such sweet cuddlers, & they’re super smart. Look at those eyes, aww.

  2. You can’t beat Labradors, we’ve got one called Stanley, big lovable dog with the patience of a saint around the kids, just wonderful!

  3. Absolutely beautiful doggy. I love doggys and you have inspired me to capture my own doggy for this little linky too. I love how shiny he/she is. I think it’s a she? #MySundayPhoto

    • Yes you’re right. She’s called Fern. We only have female dogs on the farm…well, apart from our lodgers who have males, and they are a nightmare.

  4. He looks like he’s wanting to say “Oh great another photo”. He sure is a gorgeous dog! Is it a he or she?

    • It’s definitely a challenge. Much easier as they get older, although ours does tend to nosy up too close.

  5. HelpfulMum

    Such a beautiful dog. Looks ready to go and chase a ball!

    • I’m not sure she would. I don’t think she’s ever been thrown a ball?

    • Thanks Stella. I know what you mean. I’ve just done a manual photography course, and that’s the only way I can get a decent black dog photo!

  6. Little Wandering Wren

    Where would we be without our gorgeous dogs – life would just not be the same would it? Actually or the kids… but the dog is the only one that never complains about what dinner I serve & is always happy to see me & never says ‘that’s so embarrassing Mum!’

  7. What a beautiful dog! If we were to choose a dog a lab is probably the first on our list. They make such great family pets don’t they, so good with children!

    Jen @chicgeekdiary

    • Yes, they’re so soft, but really protective. Our dogs are all working dogs really (although this one’s gunshy so doesn’t really do what she’s meant to!)

    • They are definitely loyal. Nuts, but lovely animals. The OH used to have a chocolate lab when we first got together, but since it’s always been black ones.

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