buckets diggers and wellies - sunday photo


    • He’d definitely agree with that. And trying to use the trampoline to hide under!

  1. Busy time ahead in the construction business by the look of it. It’s a great looking tipper truck and those wellies are just the biz ;D

  2. HelpfulMum

    Fabulous picture. Really love the perspective on this.

  3. Fab photo – looks like someone’s been busy with the digger and love those wellies.

    • Thanks Sarah. Having the trampoline on the patio is a pain, because it means I have to go outside in the cold to take photos round it. This was as good as I could get on this occasion…under the trampoline

    • He loves it. He’s spent most of today out with his dad doing ‘jobs’. I’m hoping school will give him other interests outside of the farm, but it’s not looking optimistic given what his cousins are like!

  4. Looks like there’s some serious construction work to be done … 🙂

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