testing the new JCB telehandler


  1. HelpfulMum

    Looks like a born farmer! My daughter is currently obsessed with tractors.

  2. This looks like fun. Whenever we go back to my parents place they have a telescopic JCB fork lift truck and my eldest loves sitting in the cab. I mean, you would at that age wouldn’t you??

    • It’s new to us, so he had to have a ride. JCB telehandler – he’s been wanting the farm to have one for ages.

    • The telehandler cab is much smaller than the tractor ones so to me he doesn’t look as lost as normal.

    • Yep, only probably 9 years, given the that 13 year old nephew is already helping doing the fields on his own, and the 16 year old’s been doing it for years.

  3. What is it about boys and tractors? Our boys spend ages sitting on them too!

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