playing WWF jenga

Playing wildlife WWF jenga


  1. Someone is waiting on that tower falling. Love how excited he is. 🙂

  2. What funky Jenga! Great photo!
    I’m back doing Silent Sunday – hello 🙂

    • It’s cool isn’t it. Harder though, because you’re meant to remove a specific pattern depending on a dice roll

  3. John Milnes

    This looks like an exciting game. I wish I could have been there to take part. Who won the game?

    • Him – mine went toppling not long after this photo. But N was cheating – removing his blocks from the top alyer.

    • Thanks. I’m loving being able to have more control of my camera, although I do find I take even more photos to be able to have more choice of photo in the end!

  4. It looks like the child is having a fun time here! Love Jenga and similar games 🙂 A good shot and nice Focus/background blurr!

    Angela xx

  5. That’s balancing precariously! Although he does look proud of his removals so far!
    Great game we haven’t played for ages, I must go in search of it!

    • Yes do, it’s so simple and fun. Although this one’s got a dice, and you need to remove the pattern of the block that relates to the dice you throw.

    • Lol, yes it was me who lost this game…mainly because N was just taking his blocks from the top level!

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