hot air balloon over the farm my sunday photo


  1. oh this is great. balloons looks so fab up in the sky. we went on a balloon ride once; it was pleasant but i felt that i would never need to do it again:) once a balloon ended up in the spare block across the road from us. lucky it made it as there was a cross breeze and power lines in the way!

  2. Ashley Beolens

    I love watching hot air balloons float in a blue sky, and you’ve captured that so well.

  3. When I lived in Wiltshire, I used to see a lot of hot air balloons. Now, up in Norfolk, I can’t remember the last time I saw one. Brilliant shot, looked like a lovely clear day too.

  4. HelpfulMum

    What an amazing photo. It looks so close. Could you hear it?

    • I’d love to as well. My mum did a flight over safari. That would be amazing.

  5. Away they go. This is a very pretty view. Can you imagine the view from the basket.

    • I’d love to as well, but sods law I’d probably be scuppered by the weather

    • It would be strange to go in one and a bit nervy, but I’d love to see the view.

    • We don’t see many, but this one’s been over quite a bit. It was so close though.

    • It was really close, it looked like it would fall into the house at one point.

  6. Great blue sky. They must have such a great view from there. Not sure if like to go in one, but I like looking at hot air balloons, quiet and pretty in the sky.

  7. Oh my it looks like it is really low there and what a perfect view they must have in that clear blue sky

  8. I do love a hot-air balloon. They always seem to be drifting so serenly, with just the occasional huff from the burners to remind you that there are actually people up there.

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