practising cycling in the farm yard

Cycling practice on the farm


  1. He looks so please! Kids are so good with learning! My son just learned as well and he is so proud of this accomplishment =) #mysundayphoto

  2. Melody Harrison

    Wow! I am envious as I can’t ride a bike. Eeek. He looks like he is having a great fun. Well done for the big milestone.

    • He’s been doing it a couple of months now so it pretty good on it now. We just need to get him to ride straighter so he can go out on the road and be a bit safer at sticking next to the edge!

  3. He’s whizzing thru the farm isn’t it! Learning to cycle is a big milestone, and it looks like he’s doing just great!

    • Yes, he’s a nutter going round the farm. Just loops past the cattle and round the buildings. Anything to practice. I’ve just bought a new bike today for me, so hopefully we can find some better places to ride together.

    • Yep, he goes on the farm quad bike, but I’m sure he’ll be after a kids one soon.

    • He’s just always wanted to, and had a balance bike from age 2, so it was just a case of the weather being dry enough so he could learn on the grass.

    • He loves it. Now he can actually use his brake and go uphill which was what he struggled with before

    • Yep, he loves it. He even rode on the road to a party at our neighbours yesterday, although it was a bit hairy for us!

    • He’s been practising loads – every night he likes going round the farmyard (easier than the grass and gravel drive!)

    • They seem so big for the bike now though. Must put the seat up and see if that’s better for him

    • He’s been practising a lot! And can use his brake – although it’s not the most effective.

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