gateway at Blenheim Palace


    • Blenheim Palace. From the outside they’re always blocked by vehicles, but they still look great from the inside.

  1. Wow, that is amazing! How beautiful, makes me sad I can’t even draw stick people.

  2. When the Dust Settles

    What beautiful iron? work, very difficult to capture colour with such a bright sky behind as well, so well done.

    • They really are spectacular against the sky, and against the honey stone of Blenheim.

    • At Blenheim Palace. Always looks rubbish from the outside because there’s vans and cars outside blocking it, but inside still looks amazing.

  3. Beautiful, intricate design. Is that a door? a gate? shutters?

    • I think of it as a doorway, but suppose they’re really gates. It was very chilly but dry and sunny

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