MAD museum shadow and design

Taken at the Museum of Mechanical Art in Stratford upon Avon


  1. Melody Harrison

    Wow! That looks interesting. I love how you captured the shadows and the lights. xx

  2. John Milnes

    The MAD Museium looks like a cool place to take the kids.

    I will have to look in to that for the future for the little one.


    • If you’re in the neck of the woods, you should. It’s really interesting.

  3. chickenruby

    are you in the science museum or is it a secret lab behind a bookcase in your lounge?

    • I think it was a marble run type of engineering. Really interesting place.

    • It’s at the MAD museum in Stratford. Really interesting place (but soooo noisy!)

    • You should have seen one run, it was more like Wallace & Gromit’s style of invention!

    • It’s at the MAD museum in Statford-upon-Avon. Mechanical design – lots of ‘marble’ run style things

    • I just loved the shadow and lighting with the blue. Made for an interesting photo

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