My Sunday Photo - single poppy
Red poppy


  1. I love the colours of these poppies, they’re so vivid and you’ve photographed it with such clarity. This reminds me of my grandmother’s garden, who always had a clutch of poppies flowering every year.

  2. A beautiful detailed shot with such gorgeous colours too.
    I’ve only had one poppy appear this year… sadly all the rain we’ve been having has knocked them down 🙁
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous shot of the poppy and love that you caught the little fly in there too. I didn’t see it at first!

  4. I do like poppies, it a shame they don’t last very long though. Love the fly in your photo I wonder if it has any idea it’s now famous?


    • I wasn’t a fan of the fly. Would much rather have had just the flower. It wasn’t letting go though!

  5. Beautiful shot. I’ve noticed a lot of wild poppies this summer. Not too sure why. Great contrast between the red and green

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