licking black labrador



  1. What a great photo and what a lovely dog! We have a Labrador-beagle cross but she looks just like a small black lab.

  2. Melody Harrison

    Aaaw what a gorgeous dog. Love love this photo. xx

  3. Lisa & Stella from Lisa's Life

    Hello Fern 🙂 Lovely to see another black labby girl on the Sunday photo scene! Woofs from Stella x

    • There’s not really much to talk about her. She just floats round the farm at will.

    • She is gorgeous. I had to take a lot of photos to catch one at the right time. She’s turned into a bit of a poser!

  4. Molly @ The Move to America

    Aww, love the dog! I miss having a dog about the place!

    • They are lovely to have around the farm. One of the sheepdog’s just had pups too, although they’re at the brother-in-law’s so I’ve not seen them yet.

  5. John Milnes

    This is such a cool photograph. Capturing the moment, hoping that when you press the trigger on the camera that you get that magic moment. This is definitely one of those.


    • Thanks John. Yes I was really pleased to have got it. Took a couple of attempts.

    • Definitely. She’d go nuts being in the house. So nice when you drive in and up she comes to the car to see you.

  6. What a gorgeous dog! What’s his/her name? I really miss having a dog around, as we’re not allowed one living in rented properly. We used to have two dogs when I lived back at my parents x

    • She’s Fern. All the dogs on the farm are female. She is a lovely dog. You’re definitely a dog person then (out og choice)

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