This year’s camping trip with our friends (mums and kids, plus 2 token dads), was to the Gower in Wales.  We were camping right above Three Cliffs Bay which is stunning…but a painful walk back up from the beach even without all your camping gear.

There’s a choice of route down to the bay. We decided to go via the river and stepping stones which was lovely. Then it was a long slog over to near the water where we met the rest of our friends.  When the tide comes in you can’t use the stepping stones but have to go back up a steeper route to the campsite. N and I went via the longer way as we went back earlier than the others. Let’s just say it didn’t feel easy at all and we needed several stops. For 2 days afterwards I could still need my calf muscles burning!

My Sunday Photo - 3 cliffs bay stepping stones
Stepping stones to the beach at 3 Cliffs Bay


  1. Those stepping stones look fun but the walk back sounds like it was hard work!

  2. That is a big load to carry. Fairly light, I’m betting, but big. Smiling at only the legs showing. We’re hoping to get over there this year. Fun stepping stones..unless you’re carrying lots.#MySundayPhoto

    • It’s my friend rather than N. 3 body boards in the bag, but it’s a handy way to carry them. Unlike N who couldn’t manage the gaps in the stones and carrying his body board so I had to carry his stuff over.

  3. What an amazing g shot and it looks lovely, but when you’re carrying that load I can understand why you would need plenty of stops. Who needs to go to the gym,, huh, when you have routes like that!!
    #aunday photo

    • Blooming body boards – although the bag for them my friend has is brilliant – fits 2 boards (plus we jammed N’s in) and just carry it like a rucksack.

  4. sarahmo3w

    Beautiful photo, but that does sound like a tough walk! I think it’s lovely that you go camping with friends every year.

  5. That looks like a great scene and an image that fires the imagination. When I first saw it I was thinking “where in Oxfordshire is that??” so it made sense when I read it was in Wales. I must ask though, what are these “token dads” you speak of? #MySundayPhoto

    • Ah, well the camping was meant to be a women only with kids (the husbands mostly being farmers who can’t go away in the summer). 2 years ago, just a couple of the guys came for the final night. Then last year they obviously had a bit of FOMO and more of them managed to come along. Personally it wasn’t really a good thing – mine won’t go camping anyway – it changed things a bit too much and they’re generally old school who still expect the female to do the running around after everything. This year most decided not to come. Only 1 came of our farmer friends, and then a sister of the main group brought her husband because they have a 2yo and baby. Hence the token men!

  6. Almost any pain is worth it to enjoy the beautiful Gower. What is it about stepping stones? Always magical

  7. Hope the weather was okay! We keep saying we will head over that way one year but it hasn’t happened yet. It always looks like such a lovely corner of the world.

    • It’s so beautiful and rugged but getting to the beaches isn’t generally that easy in all cases. Bizarrely we were right near the study centre I stayed at for my 4th year geography field trip! We had 2 hot sunny days, the rest was rain/then clear in the late afternoon. But very wet and windy horrendous nights on 2 days.

  8. That sounds like quite a hike. No wonder you were aching. It sounds like you had a fab time camping. x

  9. I’m not sure I could get over those rocks with all that stuff on my back!!
    Super work kiddo!

    • Ah, that was my friend carrying the body boards. N had just a spade and one board on the return journey

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