This weekend has been the local Strictly show, with local ‘heroes’ and ‘pros’ from the local ballroom dance school.  This year 2 of my friends were taking part – they both danced nicely, but for the matinee I was at they didn’t make the final stage.

There were some lovely dancers – some I couldn’t tell who was the pro, others were definitely not dancers!  I’d love to take part in something like this, maybe if I lose my weight, I’ll put myself forward next year. Or maybe not because a) I’ve danced a lot and I’m not sure if I’d be able to and b) I’d probably struggle to get the OH agree to help with the training schedule.

This couple didn’t win but they were pretty good.  I loved the Beauty and the Beast theme of their outfits.

My Sunday Photo - beauty and the beast Strictly Banbury costumes and dancers
Strictly Banbury show


  1. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite. I’d love to wear the Belle dress, although might look slightly out of place on the nursery run. Hehe. #MySundayPhoto

  2. You should totally apply and worry about the logistics later. It always looks so glamorous and you sound like you’re a good dancer!

  3. I remember going to Birmingham to Watch Strictly show a few years ago with a group of girl friends, we had such a laugh. I don’t follow the show and could never tell the professionals but they were all addicts.

  4. They look fab and it sounds like a really good event. Why not go for it? I’ve got myself in the mindset now where I’ve decided I’m going to do things I never thought I would before I’m too old!

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