There’s been some lovely sunsets earlier this week, and one evening 2 of the cousins turned up for some football in the garden. The 3 of them had a great time, with N occasionally going on the climbing frame to survey his ‘land’ across the fields.

I was hoping to get him on the monkey bars, but he’s started to get scared of them. That’s despite him last year being quite happy to whizz straight across them, much to my surprise. Hopefully it’s just a blip and he’ll be back enjoying the monkey bars again soon.

My Sunday Photo - climbing frame in sunset
Standing atop the climbing frame


  1. A beautiful evening photo, I’m sure the monkey bars will become popular again, he is just discovering a new sense of fear and danger that creeps up with age, but her will realise soon enough he can do it again.

  2. The fickle nature of kids hey? Sure he’ll be back on the monkey bars again soon. The setting sun backdrop works well. #MySundayPhoto

  3. I love this photo with the sunset and the silhouette. It’s so nice to be able to get out in the evenings. I hope N is back to the monkey bars soon!

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