marching guards band at buckingham palace



  1. Brilliantly timed image, love that he is glancing sideways at you


  2. chickenruby

    the guy at the front made me chuckle, he looks like he’s slightly amused with you taking his photo

    • Make me laugh too. Although I like to think it was the foreign tourist stepping out in the road with a huge camera and lens over my compact!

  3. What an absolutely fantastic vantage point you must’ve had to get such a great shot! Really love this and esp the band leader’s wandering eye looking directly into camera
    Fantastic shot!

    • Oh just for the day, to see The Gruffalo, and had a quick mooch around too.

  4. Great shot – they always make such interesting subjects. Hope you had a great time in London!

    • Me either. Just lucky timing (I’ve removed your blog address from your comment because there’s already a link left in the comment box).

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