All of a sudden, rather than just trying to bounce higher by bringing his knees up to his chin, N’s now bouncing properly and getting a lot higher.  I couldn’t believe how his this jump was when I got it on camera.

He loves jumping down onto his bottom, but he was in awe of me being able to sit down and get up again to my feet (although I couldn’t do sit down, then 180 turn to seated position facing the other way like I used to be able to do).  I then showed off a front drop (only from hands and knees position.  I’m not brave enough to do it from standing).  It’s nice to be able to still do some things I used to do when I was 11!

Blimey though, trampoline’s kill me.  Just a few bounces and I’m exhausted.  I really should use it as exercise each day!

huge jump trampolining action from a 4 year old



  1. Mary Over40andaMumtoOne

    Love this shot – the joy of childhood summed up in one photo #MySundayphoto

  2. Brilliant action shot – so impressed at how high N is bouncing and he looks like he is having so much fun 🙂

  3. HelpfulMum

    Love this picture. Looks like an awful lot of fun!

  4. Haha I wish we have tramploine cuz its sounds like this is what I need to lose weight! What a lovely action shot =) #mysundayphoto

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