Today’s My Sunday Photo was taken crossing one of the roads in Birmingham.  With young children, just the subway or crossing the road via a bridge provides excitement.  It wasn’t until I was looking back at the photos I took that I noticed the statue’s reflection in the building opposite.

Oh and it was raining, hence N’s fat tummy being due to him keeping his soft toy dog dry inside his coat.

over the Livery Street bridge in Birmingham



  1. great shot. isn’t it great to see things in a photo after you have taken them? that statue reflection is wonderful. i love the way the toy dog is being so carefully looked after.

    • So funny aren’t they. N always wants to take lots out so I have to keep it to 1.

  2. HelpfulMum

    What a lovely picture. Such gorgeous colours on what looks like a pretty dreary day!

  3. That’s a cute capture, I love that he has tucked his teddy in his coat to him dry x

  4. I love the way that the ordinary becomes a little magical when seen from a child’s perspective. Love the reflection of the statue and the way that N is keeping his toy dog dry 🙂

  5. How sweet little teddy in his coat. I love the red coat standing against the blue.

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Funny how you can pick up something in an image after the event isn’t it? The statue really makes the picture. #MySundayPhoto

  7. I was up in birmingham a week ago, lovely city. Looks like a perfect place to keep a toy dog warm!

  8. The reflection and the tucked-in ted are great – but you’re so right, kids are always fascinated with bridges, aren’t they? Ours love standing on bridges over roads and just watching the cars pass underneath.

  9. Oh this is such a sweet photo – tucking Teddy in to keep dry is the cutest thing, but the colour of his bright red coat against the blue of the bridge is also beautifully striking
    Great shot, even if unintentional at the time! (that’s a compliment, honest!)

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