Watching the work on the farm



  1. Fun photo! I have a similar one of my son—he’s so into cars, trucks, tractors and anything that goes “vroom!”

  2. A great relaxed photo and such a busy time around the farm just now.
    I watched a huge combine harvester yesterday work in one of the fields around our house. They are like giant monsters… but in a good way ;D

  3. N looks deep in thought watching that tractor – dreaming of the day when he’ll be big enough to drive it perhaps?

    • He’s got 8 or 9 years I reckon, going on the 13 year old who does some driving now. He got very excited when the 16 year old passed his test

  4. Her watching intently, or is he plotting his next move?!
    It must be exciting times on the farm now, as harvest is kicking in?!

    • Harvest’s mostly August, a bit of September, but it’s now pheasant keeping in preparation for shoot season. Plus lots of TB testing seems to be going on too

  5. Ha ha brill photo if he is anything like my two he is planning a route to that lovely big tractor to have a ride x

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