spiders web with dew My Sunday Photo



  1. I love this – I think spider webs can be really beautiful when caught in the right way

  2. Jules The Girl Behind The Camera

    So beautiful. Love the little things we don;t always notice that are actually so lovely #mysundayphoto

  3. An exquisite shot Emma,
    Don’t you just love nature? The web beautifully decorated with the water droplets is so incredibly delicate and detailed. I love it.
    Makes me a little ashamed of sweeping so many out of my house this last week :/

  4. HelpfulMum

    This is absolutely stunning. Simply gorgeous. The droplets are amazing.

  5. That’s gorgeous! It looks like little drops of dew encasing it to save it from the morning. It’s very pretty.

  6. we;ve had a couple of huge webs in our garden this week too. they came with be giant spiders too! great capture they are not the easiest to take.

  7. What a great shot! Did you take it first thing in the morning?

    • Thanks Fiona. It was one of those lucky times – noticed a spiders web on some apples, had 10 minutes to go out and take some photos. I was really pleased how they came out.

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