This is the 2nd year my brother’s village WI group have yarn bombed the village. He always sends me photos of the unusual ‘goings on’ in the village, although I think he’s getting over the quirky nature of some of their events.  I had to go and take my own photo of it.

My Sunday Photo yarn bombed bike
yarn bombing bike


  1. That is some brilliant yarn-bombing. Purple white and green are the colours of the suffragettes, I wonder if they had that in mind? #MySundayPhoto

    • I didn’t know that. You might be right, although the rest around the village is a mix of colours

  2. Fantastic! Loving the bike. Which village is it out of interest? Looks a little like Cotswold stone in the buildings.

    • It’s Tysoe, Warwickshire. Probably Hornton stone which is what our house is too.

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