Sunday photo umbrella and hula hoop


  1. Mummy VS Daddy

    Wow, hula hooping in the rain! Sounds like great fun 🙂

    • He’s definitely having more imagination nowadays as he gets older. Very cute to see, although confusing for me having to guess what he’s doing

  2. I thought there may some very unique hula hooping with an umbrella going on there for a second 🙂

    • He likes to keep me guessing. A moment before he was using the umbrella handle as a carrier for the hoop and his toys

    • He’s not yet tried hula hooping. No idea what he was trying to do with it. Very strange

  3. I love how children’s minds work and they can create the most amazing stories

    Thank you for linking up

    • N’s definitely getting more inventive as he nears 4. Thanks for stopping by

  4. What is it with kiddies and umbrellas? Ours love playing with them, but don’t like using them when its raining. Looks like yours enjoy playing too. #mysundayphoto

    • Ah, N does love his when it rains too…always makes other people smile when they see him under it.

    • He does like using items to make believe as other things. Nice to watch although bemuses me too

  5. I’d love to know what’s going on here. Obviously invented a new and very creative game.

  6. Definitely an interesting use of an umbrella and a hula hoop. Some imaginative play going on?

    • He does like to make up interesting play sessions. But won’t tell me what’s going on usually.

  7. Jo Clarke

    Is he using it as a car? He looks like he could be making a brumming noise..? He looks engrossed with whatever he is doing anyway!

    • I’m not sure. He started off carrying the hoop by the umbrella handle, but no idea what he ended up being or doing.

  8. an original use for an umbrella I must say! could catch on, “can also be used as a seat”

    • I was just hoping he wasn’t going to break it. He’s getting a bit big to be sitting in fragile things

  9. I love the way kids can make games out of the most mundane everyday objects. What was N doing?

    • Not sure. Last time he was being a snail with the umbrella, but yesterday was using the hook to carry items around hence the hoop.

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