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The magic of stationery for National Stationery Week

Stationery.  It’s a little bit magical.  Not the boring pens and reporters notepads you used to have as children.  Nowadays you can get everything in the way of stationery.  For my teenage self writing diaries I’m very jealous of what we didn’t have.  Working with National Stationery Week I’ve been reflecting on my love of and journey with stationery.

When I was a girl, the most exciting thing was having a diary and different coloured cartridge pens other than the scratchy 99p pens everyone had from WHSmith.  A highlighter pack was the epitome of cool.  Funky drawing pins to attached pin up posters from Big or Just 17 magazines to my pinboard were what I dreamed of.

Then exam times and university and it was boring biros and different coloured revision cards, plus a filofax when I started work.  But it’s only more recently when there’s been an abundance of stationery shops and supplies to drool over.

It seems I’m not the only one. I reckon it’s a pre-requisite for being a blogger that you have to have a secret love of stationery to be one.

Beautifully doodled bullet journals are artistic masterpieces…maybe not our attempt at a gratititude journal. We’re not artists, but it’s great to have time out to yourself to think about what the day has brought.  I found sharing pages with N meant we could talk about our days to each other.

t shirt painting pens

I have a stash of pretty notebooks, gifted to me and bought. Because when I see a great pattern or motif, or a funky quotation, a few pounds is nothing to giving a little boost.  Stationery doesn’t need to fit a changing body size or shape. It just needs to find a home on a shelf or desk.  Yes, I have a pile of unused notebooks.  Because while they might be pretty they’re not all easy to write in because of the binding.  But knowing they’re there in case I have a sudden need to write or draw or note down my thoughts.


I might be used to working digitally on my blog, but I have started to handwrite my blog posts.  I don’t like blogging on my phone, but taking a notepad to a coffee shop or getting one out at lunch at work, means I can focus and write fast without the distractions of other tabs and notifications on my laptop.  It gives great satisfaction to use a coloured pen and see my writing scrawled across the page.

Because my writing isn’t great. 18 years of working on computers means I don’t write much other than a few notes, and if noone else is reading, it doesn’t have to be neat.

My writing at school was the bane of my mum’s life. She would write into teachers (with her immaculate writing) explaining why she’d made me re-write a page of work so it was legible. I’d like to say it was because I was left handed, but I just don’t think I’ve ever found ‘my’ handwriting style.

writing matters stationery week

An old maths teacher retorted once ‘look at mine, she’s a mathmatician, she doesn’t need good handwriting’.  I was also once surprised to hear a family friend say she thought I had very confident and assertive writing.  I suppose it’s carefree so that’s accurate to a degree.

I always think my writing now is legible.  It does look like it misses letters out though, and could be easier to read.  It still goes in every direction depending on whether I’m in full flow or just taking random notes.  The OH as no hope of reading my writing (although his is just like it probably was when he was 10), but it’s easier than trying to read my best friend’s.

Now N is getting more confident at writing, it seems he’s inherited my love of stationery. If I leave a notebook out (or woe betide new pens), they’re snaffled, never to be seen again.  Many a pad I’ve picked up to find his drawings or name written inside.

Stickers, pretty pens, notepads, stencils and more. He loves them all, although scissors and sellotape have to be his favourite.  What’s great about stationery is that it can bring everyone in a family together. From functional uses through to writing holiday scrapbooks, crafting to relaxing colouring.

National stationery week

National Stationery week 2017 runs from 24th to 30th April, encouraging people to get involved and get writing.

As part of National Stationery Week, we were sent a lovely selection of stationery. We loved the pack of felt doodle pens, and N’s already swiped some of the pens.  If you want to get involved this coming week, there are themes each day, but you can share your writing on social media using #NatStatWeek or #writingmatters.  I’d love to see what you get up to so do share it on my facebook page.

I’m also hosting a National Stationery Week giveaway. One lucky reader will win a stationery bundle.  Just answer the question ‘What do you love about stationery and writing?’ in the comments below, then complete the rafflecopter widget.
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Terms and conditions

  1. UK entry only
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 21st May 2017
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is one prize of a stationery bundle
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media.
  7. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post. Further notifications of the winner may be shared on social media.
  8. The winners will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address within 3 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  9. Prizes will be sent out within 30 days of receiving postal details.
  10. This giveaway may be featured on Loquax, Prizefinder and Superlucky


Disclosure: We were sent a stationery bundle and provided with one to giveaway. All words and opinions are my own.


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  1. I am a big fan of post it notes and notepads – I love short messages written where you least expect them

  2. I love stationery because it can be so individual colourful and expressive. Quirky fun and bright too. I love to write messages letters and memos and always try to write neat and in proper English. I take a pride in my writing and feel proud to be using a quality fountain pen and ink. Long may this last, its so much more personal x

  3. That my far away bessie and I have recently resolved to communicate only by letter, old skool, like we used to!

  4. I am a stationery addict. I love attractive notebooks, pens and pencils. They brighten my day. I love handwriting, it gives a personal touch and shows you care to whoever receives it.

  5. I love writing down plans and organising myself with a notepad and diary.

  6. I’d love to win, as writing is so much more personal that whats app or email and these pens would make my writing look far more professional/pretty

  7. Writing with pen and paper is so much more personal and it is such a joy to receive a letter through the post. I also find that I can think better, and put in a lot more interesting stories than when I write an email. I find with email it is just a quick form of corresponding.

  8. Writing and making notes, makes me remember what I need to know or learn easier

  9. i love drawing and scrapbook making with my children i also love writing hand written letters

  10. I’ve always loved stationary since I was a little girl- I love the variety!

  11. I love both writing and receiving letters I find it a special and fulfilling way of keeping in touch and I love to use beautiful colours, writing paper etc to add that extra personal touch

  12. The irresistible lure of a gleaming white page all ready to write on!

  13. I love giving hand written letters to my girlfriend and family. The personal touch is only possible with handwriting things.

  14. I love the personalisation of it all. I make my own greetings cards, so there’s more of a human touch about it, compared to mass-produced, pre-written items.

  15. I love the feeling of creativity you get when you get new stationery and wanting to make the best of your new stationery.

  16. I love writing and receiving hand written letters. I enjoy using a fountain pen as it seems to make my handwriting more legible and consistent 🙂

  17. I adore stationery, and I adore writing letters. There is something about writing a letter and receiving mail that is so much more enjoyable than getting a text or an email

  18. I just love putting pen to paper. I always wanted to have one of those journals with loose photos and ticket stubs etc that just look uber cool and then I came across smash books. Oh for the love of all things stationery, Smash Books are a heaven!

  19. I have always loved stationery no matter if it is the bright fun stuff or the classy expensive stuff. I just enjoy using it and so do the children.

  20. I love all of the pretty colour pens and paper you can get – it makes writing a lot more fun!!

  21. Very theraputic and takes me back to my childhood when i loved playing as the postmistress in the post office or even as a school teacher with my cousins as my pupils writing and drawing with our many pads pens and pencils provided my dear grandmother.

  22. I love the promise of unlimited creativity that new stationery gives you!

  23. Writing a letter is more personal and thoughtful. I love highlighters for crossing things off lists and black sharpies for writing on labels

  24. I get excited about the colours, the patterns, and his pretty stationary can be! I do like to send letters and receive them too. Oh and Im a big TO DO list fan!

  25. I write for a living, so I love writing because it pays the bills! Stationery just makes writing all the more fun!

  26. I love family history, so I’m always making notes and drawing charts. I love having lots of lovely pens and notebooks to try to make my work easier to follow.

  27. I love that stationery comes in so many different designs and you can really express yourself using it 🙂 and nothing beats being able to put your stamp on something by writing with your own style (and using different colour pens!)

  28. There is so much more character in hand written letter – you can express yourself more personably

  29. It’s great when you come accross a sector of people who are passionate about something, when you honestly thought you were on your own! A trip to a good stationery store for me may be like an opera night for someone else. It’s the colours, styles and even the variances in size that leave me quite giddy. But more importantly it’s the potential for the notes you are planning , be it a blog, a project, love letters, a house move. The essence of exciting!

  30. I like the feel of writing – it’s like drawing really – and I’ve always loved stationery.

  31. Much more personal and heartfelt to write down you thoughts or a letter to someone

  32. Love stationery items, makes my desk area pretty and tidy which helps me relax before I work, its also a personal choice on what items you have in your work area.

  33. I love that it’s more personal, more exciting to receive & more relaxing to do.

  34. Stationary and writing are ways to free the mind
    It’s surprising how writing does this

  35. Writing letters is much more personal, and love to have diaries for dates and times and note books for everything else

  36. I love all the colourful pens you can buy – it makes writing more fun!

  37. I miss pens, so much is typed in everyday life. Handwritten letters are beautiful.

  38. I’m far more thoughtful when putting pen to paper compared to emails

  39. It makes marking less of a chore, makes it feel friendlier. Gel pens, glitter pens, fun post its…

  40. writing things down helps me to remember, even if i never look at my notes again

  41. I’m a nurse. We all love a good pen lol I miss my uni days of highlighters and handwritten scrawls across a page and infinite amounts of post it notes covering my walls with random facts and dates and teeny drawings of various anatomies. Those were the days…

  42. it reminds me of my good old childhood technology has ruined letter writing

  43. I love writing by hand. I find it really theraputic. Gotta love stationary too eh.

  44. I love to look back at things I have written at a later date. Plus the act of writing is very therapeutic 🙂

  45. I love the look and feel of a lovely notebook or journal – it makes you want to use it.

  46. Important to have good stationery to encourage the kids to write properly as all too often in my job when we have handwritten covering letters for CV’s handed in to us the standard of handwriting is appalling compared to just 10 years ago.

  47. I work with children so I like to add colour to my work where possible

  48. I love pretty stationery. Admin stuff can be boring and nice stationery makes it better.

  49. What don’t I love?! I am a very creative person and so I’m always doodling, making notes, creating something. I adore pretty pens to write with and lovely notebooks.

  50. i love it when you get a decent pen and can write really neat with it, and i love the variety of stationary out there, and I also love that i get to do all the stationary ordering for my office!! its heavenly!

  51. I’ve loved all things stationary since I was little, whether it’s for studying or creative or personal. The feel of a pen against your fingers, the smell of new paper, different colours for different thoughts. And the promise of endless possibility you get with every clean, new sheet of paper. Thanks

  52. My children love writing and drawing and I love seeing there creations and imagination on paper.

  53. I love stationary and writing especially little notes for my husband in his lunch bag. Corny but we don’t get to see each other very much so its a good opportunity to share a bit of romance in different styles and colours

  54. I just love pens, pencils, notepads,notebooks I like calligraphy and do a fair bit of papercrafting and hand made cards so I can never have enough.

  55. I love looking at stationary, it’s the means with which I record my ideas, thoughts, feelings and sparks of creativity so to me it is the symbol of unlimited ideas, imagination and possibilities.

  56. i love stationary and writing because there are so many different styles and so much you can do from write list to letters etc

  57. I love stationery and writing because it they are both so useful in so many situations and it is still there years later! 🙂

  58. I work for an ambulance service, so forever having to use pen and paper, black pens only, so I like to use all other colours at home when I can, and to be able to write on some nice paper rather than the paper that Ambulance service gives us is a major plus! I love to write notes to myself, well lists of things to do that never get done lol

  59. I like how writing with soft tipped pens and pencils make writing much neater.

  60. I’ve always loved having lots of nice stationery items and even as a small child I had piles of notebooks, pads of plain paper, writing paper, airmail paper pads, all sorts of pens, pencils, rulers, pencil cases etc. My grandad worked in a paper mill until I started junior school so would often gift me boxes of paper, including wonderful coloured paper – my sister got dolls! I have always written letters to family and friends and though most of them are the annual Christmas letters I still send frequent thank-you letters/cards, thinking of you ones when someone I care about has problems – it is more personal than modern communication via e-mail or messaging of some kind (I think I am the only person I know that does not own a mobile phone!) I keep a fair few notebooks for all sorts of things: competition entries, shopping lists, to do lists, pet information for both our cats, Xmas lists, and I plan to start a photo-journal to document the lives of our garden wildlife. I also like to have supplies of things like postcards, notelets, stamps and a range of nice pens. Books and stationery are two of my loves that have never died (I stopped spending small fortunes on earrings and knickers ages ago, lol!)

  61. I love that it’s more personal, more exciting to receive & more relaxing to do.

  62. I too, love the magic of it all. Like yourself, there wasn’t a lot around when I was small. Now I can’t believe the choice and how reasonable some of it is. I’m starting a Bullet Journal soon, and I’m in the process of sourcing my bits n bobs to get started!

  63. I like that it allows you to be more creative and adds a personal touch

  64. I just love anything that can let me be organised – if it allows me to make lists, or even colour coded charts on pretty paper then even better

  65. I love stationary now, and with more ways to use it. I’m now hooked and love looking for new items.

  66. One thing i love about writing is how you can let your imagination run wild with ideas and one thing i love about stationery is how cute some of it looks with the notebooks ect

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  68. I love how it keeps me organised, calm and creative. I’m a planner girl and have boxs full of stationery (particularly stickers , pens and washi tape)

  69. I think it stems from being a kid, playing at being a teacher which involved books, pens and paper and I had a paper cigarette??? when I read to class.

  70. I love the freedom to be as creative as I want to be. There’s something so satisfying about buying new stationery

  71. I love making mind maps using different colours. It really helps bring out my creativity x

  72. I’m completely a list person and love to get out pretty pens and paper to help me plan projects

  73. i love that writing a letter is so personnal. i recieved a letter every week for 38 years from my dad and i sent the same back to him i love it

  74. I am actually obsessed with stationary, I love writing and love cute stationary. I’m always writing lists and cute stationary is a must

  75. I have a notebook habit. I can’t stop buying them & I use them for different types of notes.

  76. I just love buying new stationary, the bright colours and fresh pages ready for new ideas

  77. I have always love writing and its so much nicer to make the effort and pick out stationery and write a personal letter to someone.

  78. I think it’s hereditary! My grandfather , mother and children are all obsessed and love a visit to WH Smith more than anything else!

  79. I love writing & stationery. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. Chalk, crayon, paint, pencil, felt tip even a quick fling with a fountain pen, I’ve written with them all.

  80. It’s just the having of it. I hoard it like a dragon with gold. I love it when simple things are pretty or quirky.

  81. a letter shows you have spent time and effort contacting a person and to receive one is a great feeling

  82. I use various journals to keep track of different types of projects and activities such as sewing, gardening and home improvement. It like to leaf through and can read about all the projects I have finished, and to remind myself of outstanding tasks.

  83. I still like to write a tradtional letter and find people are thrilled to receive on and I like nice notepaper and a fountain pen

  84. i love the smell of a new notebook and i love all the scented and glittery pens that are all out now x

  85. I love to write in pretty colours and I have to say I do really like my handwriting, it’s much quicker to write too most of the time and much more personal.

  86. A handwritten personal message is a joy to receive especially when written on a pretty notelet, my aunts used to love it when I wrote them letters and as I get older I can understand why, sadly the grand kids neither write thank you notes nor remember to say thanks.

  87. I enjoy writing letters on lovely colourful stationery it’s a pleasure to receive one back as well rather than an email or txt message.

  88. I have been a writer since I was a child and wrote stories about my cats lol! now I write poems and short stories in my free time and it’s something I genuinely love..for me it’s a creative outlet and a chance to produce something meaningful and beautiful. It gives me an opportunity to express myself in ways I can’t in words.

  89. How it lets you be free you can write whatever and draw whatever​you like it is so relaxing

  90. I like pretty stationery and the feeling of writing with a smooth pen on quality paper.

  91. i love how they allow you to express yourself and the beautiful colours you can have

  92. I love stationary since I was a child, I used to love colouring and writing with different pens, now I always write lists of what I need to do at work or send cards to my friends and family! 🙂

  93. I love writing and stationery comes in so many different forms and designs – I love it!

  94. It s great because its something that you can actually touch and not part of a computer

  95. I have always had a massive thing for stationary since I was at school! Nothing better than a furry pencil case and a glitter or fancy smelling gel pen to make your day. I love wondering around stationers like WH Smith looking at all of the different bits, pens, rubbers, crafting pieces . beautiful.
    I love writing, drawing, paper crafts and more! I use stationary everyday whether it’s my favourite pen at work, or writing one of the many many lists I live from!
    forget phones, forget laptops and computers, a pen and some paper is the best.

  96. I love the start of a new Uni year – great excuse to stock up on awesome notebooks and a rainbow of highlighters!

  97. I’m obsessed with it all! I have a box filled with my favourite pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, writing paper and envelopes, inks, rubber stamps, etc which I’ve collected over the years. Since I was a young teenager I’ve had penpals from all over the world. My best friends started off as penpals. I’m such an introvert and love nothing more than to sit cosily at home with candles, tea and chocolate and my stationery, writing a letter to my best friends, or decorating my diary/scrapbook.
    “Letter writing is the only device combining solitude with good company.” – one of my favourite quotes.
    Now I’m worrying I really am starting to sound obsessed, so I will end my comment here 😉

  98. The feel of a fountain pen on a sheet of thick paper. The fluid flow as you write.

  99. I love all the effects that can be achieved and how writing a letter is so personal, its all about txts and emails now

  100. Something about new stationary that makes me insanely happy, I find writing letters to be so much more intimate and you take so much more care, I also love writing certain words… #Geek

  101. theres something that is always satisfying about writing in your favourite pen or on fancy paper, and that why i love different stationary for different things

  102. I love writing and seeing my thoughts, ideas or concerns down on paper in written form. The typeand style of stationary adds to the whole experience.x

  103. I love writing letters and postcards because I love collecting very old ones in antique markets and shops and on line. The old style of writing and the words used are so evocative of the age and I feel sadness that this will be lost as digital takes over everything.

  104. I have a notebook addiction, I have one for planning holidays, one for writing down my choreography for work and one for house planning, I have one where I list jobs and goals and I also have one where I write my daily gym plan and diet. I feel writing things down helps me understand things clearer in my mind and re-call things better too.

  105. I like how hand writing and different pens represent different things about yourself

  106. i too am stationary obsessed and have a huge collection of notebook, im not quiet sure why i just like the feel of the paper! especially the good quality expensive pads!

  107. I love the look, variety etc in regards to stationery etc. I can recall writing to my Best Friend frequently following her move to London with her family. It is how we both kept in contact with each other at the time. Sometimes plain envelopes and paper, and on occasions note let’s. This communication kept our friendship strong. Later I had times when I visited them in London. Photographs taken and shared with family and friends etc.

    We remain friends and are still fond of each others families, which have been added to over the years. Stationery was an important asset for us at an important time in our lives :- our late teens. We have wonderful memories, which have been shared and reminisced over. My Mum kept some letters from her Uncle whom she was very close to. They were of times when they were separated in miles, yet kept them close in regards to each other. Sadly he died many years ago, but the letters and memories remained valued by my Mum and family. Emotional Bonds are so Important.

  108. i love everything from diarys to post it notes, i have a to do list and things to do /mood board for my ideas i use a notice board thats full of clippings and colours, i write down what i eat and the excercise i do and weather ive had a great day i put a smiley face, i also love coloured biros my fav are pinks and purple and if i enter competitions i use coloured envelopes and coloured writing paper hopeing that the bright colour will catch there eye and pick mine xxx

  109. Using stationery, and writing is a whole lot more personal than using a computer or smartphone.

  110. I love stationary because it’s really useful but also looks good and is fun to use. There’s something about a new notepad and pen that makes you want to get organised and creative.

  111. That you can add your own personal touch to cards and letter if you have a varied selection of stationery

  112. It is great for filing important documents so you keep in control.
    A hand-written letter or card is also more important to the recipient because you have taken the time and effort to write it, pay for the postage and place it in a postbox. Much better than e-mails – which should be left for quick questions/replies and mainly work nowadays.

  113. I love the fact that you can put pen to paper and write someone a nice note or thank you card. I’ve always loved stationery since I was a child as it can be so fun.

  114. I love a good notebook to jot my lists, ideas menus and jobs to do as it helps me keep track

  115. I grew up in a time when there were no computer so everything was handwritten. I just love the feel of pen on paper or pencil. It’s something to sit back and admire.

  116. i’m a stationary addict! always loved shopping for all those cute accessories even as a child. I like to be organised & prepared for everything so i make A LOT of lists!

  117. If that’s your handwriting on the picture, I love it – a great style. I think my obsession with stationery started at school. It was always exciting to pick new pens, tins etc. Also, I used to love spending my Christmas vouchers for W H Smith on stationery in all it’s forms!

  118. Sometimes I feel i have forgotten how to write- i use a computer too much!

  119. Good stationery is always a pleasure to use and I love writing because it maps my life. Calendar and diary entries, personal letters, even days off in the request book at work – all good things!

  120. I love how personal writing is… someone taken the time to write something for you. Stationery is a great way to express yourself too…. from interests to colours

  121. It is much more personal . And with so much stationery I can be really creative .

  122. Having worked in an office before computers I still write proper letters to all

  123. I have been writing to pen pals for over 30 years. LOVE to get new stationery, just love the styles and all the thoughts that can be written on it and sent.

  124. I love writing in general but i recently started a bullet journal and absolutely love it. You can see on my YouTube channel too that I’m themed mine 🙂 (click my name to see)

  125. I love getting a letter in the post that’s not a bill! I always get my children to write out thank you letters for presents they receive and I know the recipients are always pleased.

  126. I used to love getting new stationary every new year at school and I still love it now some 25 years later, there is just so much choice these days.

  127. I like colourful pens. Most young people today rely on computers and do not know how to spell or use grammar correctly, so it’s important to continue to write manually so this skill is not lost.

  128. I still find myself writing things down all the time so this would come in handy.

  129. Yes, writing on paper is still one of the best ways to write something very compelling. It was like what you said, free from the distractions of our ever-connected world. I also do the same thing, then type it out in a Word processor, use its proofing tool before finalizing it and publishing it online. Nothing beats traditional form of writing!

  130. I love stationary and could spend ages in a stationary shop looking at all the different items. To write a letter and pretty it up with the stationary is a delight.

  131. It is more personal – I prefer to send and receive letters than emails or texts! I love the range of envelopes and note papers you can buy too!

  132. I live by my lists and ideas. I spend a lot of my spare time in a “not spot”, I find connecting to the wifi on the bus, in the cafe, etc really tedious. So I have a notebook and pen in my bag. At the moment, it’s a silk covered notebook with pages made from elephant dung (I know, a bit ewww for some, but I love it and it was a much appreciated gift!).

  133. I love stationery. I have sharpies that have never been taken out of the packet. Brand new notebooks, pens , post it notes. I am happiest in a stationery shop. I cried when Staples near me shut down!

  134. stationary is so varied you can create some lovely pieces of work with colours and designs

  135. I agree with you! I love to write notes or a letter than use technology as a way of communication. Bring back the pen and paper! Lol x

  136. It is nice choosing some stationery to write a letter and give your own personal touch

  137. The creativity that comes with expressing yourself and the impact you can have on others with stationery.

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